5 Ways to Spread the Love in Your Senior Community on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating a love that’s lasted for decades, the beginning of a new romantic relationship, or the love shared between family and friends, Valentine’s Day should be a day of warm feelings and expressions of sentiment. However, for seniors who have lost spouses or loved ones over the years, the day can be filled with more sorrow than celebration. In today’s post, we offer some ideas for how you can help spread the love in your community this Valentine’s Day.

Have flowers delivered. Flowers always bring a welcome dose of sunshine and warmth to their recipient, especially on a gray February day. Send flowers to a close friend, or a neighbor who could use a lift.

Hand out Valentines. Remember in grade school when you would handwrite your classmates’ names on Valentines and pass them out with a piece of chocolate taped to the outside? Share Valentines cheer by passing out personalized Valentines for the fellow residents in your community. Chocolate optional. (But recommended!)

Host a movie night. A movie night is a great way to bring people together. Pick a classic romantic comedy that everyone can enjoy, or a feel-good family film that celebrates all the kinds of love we experience.

Make homemade treats. Sharing homemade treats baked with love is one of the best ways to show people that you care. Make your treats festive by adding Valentine’s sprinkles or decorating with pink frosting.

Send love into your local community. Spreading love isn’t just limited to friends, family, and neighbors. Sharing love with the community helps strengthen community bonds. Recruit crafty friends and neighbors in your community and spend Valentine’s Day afternoon knitting hats, scarves, or blankets to donate to local shelters and hospitals.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, try to pay extra attention looking for people who may be feeling left out or lonesome on this sentimental holiday. Invite them to join your table at mealtime, participate in your activity, or simply ask them how they are. A little love goes a long way.

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