5 Great Vacation Destinations for Retirees

Great Vacation Destinations for Retirees

We all have plans for what we’ll do when we retire: Spend more time with our families and grandkids. Finally put a dent in our “To Read” pile. Take up a new hobby we’ve been wanting to try. Find a traveling companion and set out to see the world.

One of the most common post-retirement resolutions is to travel more. After all, retirement is the perfect time for traveling. The kids are grown up and out of the house, you don’t have work or other responsibilities tying you down, and after a lifetime of working and raising a family, you’ve earned a vacation or two! Your only real question is: Where to go?

Narrow down your decision with these five great travel destinations for retirees:

  1. European River Cruise

A river cruise is a perfect way for seniors to do a European tour without the stress and exhaustion of hopping on a plane every other day to jet off to the next city. Just like a traditional cruise, a river cruise makes stops at multiple destinations, with the option to stay on board or get off and explore. In between cities, you can sit on the deck and enjoy passing scenery. And it doesn’t get much more scenic than the vineyards, villages, and castles of the European countryside. Popular locations for river cruises include the Rhine and the Danube rivers.

  1. Montreal, Canada

If you’re looking for a vacation that has European flavor without the cost and stress of a transatlantic journey, a trip to Montreal is perfect. Montreal’s neighborhoods give tourists a taste of a diverse array of architecture and landscape, from cobblestoned French colonial streets to the Bohemian Plateau. In Montreal, you can experience the language, cuisine, and culture of France without leaving the continent. The U.S. dollar is also strong against the Canadian dollar, so you can enjoy the trip without fear of breaking the bank.

  1. California Coast

To born-and-raised Midwesterners, California might as well be another country. From the glimmering beaches of Malibu to the rugged ridges of Big Sur, California offers endless options for vacation paradise. Whether your dream getaway is hiking up a mountain or sipping wine at a Napa vineyard, it doesn’t really matter—you can do both in the same day! California is a great destination for retirees because it accommodates travelers of various energy levels and physical fitness. Tailor your adventure to your tastes, curiosity, and capabilities.

  1. Walt Disney World

Sometimes you want to get away for some quality R&R, but sometimes the best vacations for retirees are the ones that involve the whole family. There’s nothing like a family vacation for spending quality time making lasting memories, and Disney World has turned the family vacation into an art form. If you choose to stay in one of the theme park’s nearby resorts, every last detail will be taken care of for you, from stroller rental to a FASTPASS that lets you skip the line, to the convenient (and air conditioned!) monorail that transports you between parks. The cherry on top is the joy on the faces of your grandkids the first time they lay eyes on Cinderella’s castle.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina

One of the most charming historic cities in America, Charleston is known for its cobblestone streets and pastel antebellum architecture, especially in the French Quarter district and Battery Promenade. Charleston is easy to sightsee by bus and close to the beachfront, making for a relaxing vacation destination. Soak up the sun, history, and southern charm, and catch a few rounds of golf on an ocean-view course (if that’s your kind of thing).

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to slow down. It means you get to set your own pace and chart your own course. There’s no time like the present (especially in retirement), so get out there and go have that adventure you’ve been dreaming about!

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